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Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact OC-Travel for a 2018 sponsorship form for the annual Chartres Pilgrimage.

The key to making a pilgrimage happen for many young and underprivileged youth is sponsorship.  This is a response to help those in need.

Many young students, particularly those from large families, are unable to participate in student pilgrimages due to the financial burden put on their parents.

Our sponsorship program offers you the chance to make a difference in the life of a young person who wishes to participate, but is unable to, due to a lack of financial means.

We know that many generous Catholics have had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage and they understand and value the experience that it can make in the life of a young person.  For those who wish to share this extraordinary experience with others, sponsorship is the opportunity to make a difference.

Young participants on our tours return home to actively influence their culture and to share their religious experience.  They find the pilgrimage experience engaging and life-changing.  For many of them it is a game changer.

Do not miss this opportunity to share the vision and mission of the Catholic pilgrimage experience with a a young and like-minded Catholic.

Register now to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to change a young persons life.