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Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) Custom Tours

OC-Travel is a leading boutique travel provider that seeks to help you cultivate your Catholic faith through faith-based group travel.  Let us bring your Association home to Malta with a custom tour.

Your Association’s Pilgrimage

Travel with us to Malta, a symbol of knighthood, charity and courage.

We will create for you an unforgettable journey for your Association’s pilgrimage to the Maltese Islands, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Malta will always be a historic home for the Order and our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your Association’s visit to this storied land.

Be transformed.  Allow us to create for you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will meet the needs of your Association and exceed your expectations.

We guarantee the journey will endear you to this beloved land for a lifetime.

Custom Knight’s Tour

Our custom tour is called “Superbissima” (Most Superb), a title given to Malta by the ruling houses of Europe who have often vacationed on the Islands, a land boasting majestic Baroque palaces, lush gardens, dancing fountains and exquisite churches.

Malta has always stood for something good in history, and in courage.  The rich history, lovely people, fresh sea air, sunshine, breezy palms, gourmet cuisine and local wines attract everyone.

The most famous visitor to Malta was St. Paul, who was shipwrecked there circa 60 AD.   This is what he had to say of the island and its people: “We learned that the island was called Malta.  And the natives showed us no little kindness, for they kindled a fire and refreshed us all” (cf. Acts 28: 1-3).

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), spent some of her happiest years on Malta when she and the Duke of Edinburgh lived there for two years as newlyweds (1949-1951) while the Prince was stationed as an officer with the Royal Navy.  She described her stay on Malta as one of the “best” periods of her life.

Feast of Our Lady of Victories

The most special celebration on the Islands is the annual feast of Our Lady of Victories, a public holiday commemorating the victorious outcome of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565.

Learn the history of the Knights of St. John, defenders of the Island.

The heroism and devotion of Malta, which has frequently come under attack, will long be famous.  The tiny island will forever be remembered for the Great Siege which was the last epic battle involving crusader knights — a moment of imminent peril for European civilization.

The day of Victory was September 8, the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, known on the island as the feast of Our Lady of Victories.

We will arrange for your Association to experience the fullness of the celebrations from the processions and joyous outdoor banquet to the night-time fireworks over Ft. St. Angelo.

Special Highlights

Tour Director: Your tour director is a former Vatican Museums tour guide.

Guide: Your guide is a priest of Malta who earned his doctorate at the Gregoriana University in Rome.  He will introduce you to the Maltese Islands and the curious history of the Order.

Chaplains: A priest of your Association will be assigned to your group and will accompany you as chaplain, offering daily Mass and hearing Confessions.

Behind the Scenes: The tour includes major sites of Malta as well as off-grid locations, including adequate free time for shopping, leisure or rest.

Hotel:  Your group will stay at a 5-star hotel with pool(s).

Contact Us: If you are a member of the SMOM and would like more information on a custom SMOM tour, please submit an inquiry and we will reach out.

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