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Orbis Catholicus Travel (OC-Travel) was founded by John and Natalie Sonnen with the express goal of providing assistance to those who wish to journey to the main shrines of the Christian world.

John and Natalie met in Italy and were married in Rome in 2011.  Both were graduate students with shared backgrounds in tourism.

From the beginning, John and Natalie had the idea to offer interested travelers the chance to live a pilgrimage experience, a reflection of the inner journey which they themselves had already experienced while living and working in Rome and the Vatican.

John had years of experience as a tour guide in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.  For him, pilgrimage is a metaphor for our existence on earth.  It embraces all that is best in the human search for the divine.

Natalie believes that pilgrimage helps one to find the answer to the thirst for the infinite.  To reach God, it is not enough to visit places, one must first encounter and then be transformed by contact with local communities; the names and faces, the experience of traditions, art, history and the daily lives of the inhabitants.

John and Natalie hope you will join them on a journey into the human heart.  Each moment on pilgrimage offers an imprint that can last a lifetime.  You will be touched and moved by the beauty of the people you meet and places you visit on an OC-Travel pilgrimage.


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