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    OC-Travel is a pioneer in the pilgrimage travel business offering an awe-inspiring selection of affordable custom tours, in search of all things Catholic. Our trips embrace authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine and professional local transport to put travelers on a first-name basis with the local people, cultures, landscapes, and culinary traditions.

OCTRAVEL-GRAPHICWelcome to Orbis Catholicus Travel (OC-Travel).  We are proud to provide custom pilgrimage, cultural and sightseeing tours of exceptional quality and value.

Our passion is to design unique experiences that will explore the history, landscape, culture, culinary traditions, and most importantly, the spirituality of pilgrimage destinations.

OC-Travel gives you the opportunity to have easy access to pilgrimage sites across the globe.

We will provide you with a travel experience that is genuinely incomparable, imaginative and inspired.  One that will awaken in you an appreciation of the treasures of Catholic history, art and culture.  Allow us to immerse you in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

OC-Travel will do everything we can to make your trip truly inspiring.

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