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    OC-Travel is a pioneer in the pilgrimage travel business offering an awe-inspiring selection of affordable custom tours, in search of all things Catholic. Our trips embrace authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine and professional local transport to put travelers on a first-name basis with the local people, cultures, landscapes, and culinary traditions.

OCTRAVEL-GRAPHICPoem by the future Pope St. John Paul II, penned during his first visit to the Holy Land in the early 1960s:

“I come across these places which you have filled with yourself once and for all. … Oh place … You were transformed so many times before you, His place, became mine. When for the first time He filled you, you were not yet an outer place; you were but His Mother’s womb. How I long to know that the stones I am treading in Nazareth are the same which her feet touched when she was Your only place on earth. Meeting You through the stone touched by the feet of Your Mother. Oh, corner of the earth, place in the Holy Land – what kind of place are you in me? My steps cannot tread on you; I must kneel. Thus I confirm today you were indeed a place of meeting. Kneeling down I imprint a seal on you. You will remain here with my seal – you will remain – and I will take you and transform you within me into the place of new testimony. I will walk away as a witness who testifies across the millennia”

-Karol Wojtyla, Poezje. Poems, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków 1998, p. 168).

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